Altec 601C duplex

Altec is of course one of the greatest names in the history of hifi, and their duplex series of drivers are certainly one of the real classics. Finding a pair at a reasonable price with some slight cosmetic issues, I snatched them up.

Great build quality! These are very nicely made drivers. I've never been a big fan of horn tweeters and this is no exception. While these were nice sounding drivers, I felt they were not in the same league as the Zenith or some of the other full range drivers I've owned. A bit less snap, a smaller soundstage and just an overall less involving presentation than I am used to. While not an ideal choice for open baffle, these seemed to fare well enough open an open panel, but it is perhaps not a surprising that a ported box would likely yield better overall results with these drivers. One thing to note about the 601c is that the horn diaphragm is old and now very fragile. Replacing them in this driver is an expensive proposition, bordering on unobtainium, so be sure to demo the 601c before purchase to ensure the diaphragms are intact.