Coral 12RG06 full range drivers

Here we have an interesting and quite rare little driver, I think made by Coral, but hopefully someone in the know can clarify. This is the 12RG06, a 5 inch full range driver that came loaded into the largest of the Tunnel Reflex cabinets made by the Admiral brand of speakers, probably in the late 1960’s or early 1970’s.

This little speaker is quite good, with a rich and forward presentation that sounds extremely good in my Telefunken open backed cabinets. In the Tunnel Reflex boxes, these were paired with a small tweeter, but to my middle aged ears this doesn't need the top end support. This speaker sounds pretty much full range, extending lower than most full range drivers, regardless of size and having a vibrant and live sounding top end. No whizzer cone to screw things up! This one is well made in an industrial sort of way, and with a (quite powerful!) magnet unlike any I’ve seen before. The surround is heavy duty and has withstood the test of time still being pliant and supple. In short, this is a great little driver and if you run across one its well worth investing some time in a proper reflex cabinet or on a large open baffle. This compares very well with the Holey Baskets and the Flat 5. Recommended if you can find a pair.

Quite robust small drivers. Well built.

This one has an interesting magnet structure that I can’t recall seeing before.

Here is the 12RG06 alongside some similar Coral drivers, the Holey Basket and Flat 5 V.2. The 12RG is its own beast.