Coral Flat 10

Coral has got to be one of the greatest full range driver makers ever, and these 1970’s Flat 10 are near the top of their line.

There are not many 10 inch full range drivers out there, and Coral even made a 12, which seems to be unobtanium now. Unlike the more desirable Beta drivers, the frames on the Flat 10 are stamped, and there is no phase plug. But these are quite efficient, likely close to 100 db/wm, and they worked very well in the big open backed Telefunken cabinets. The sound is big, very smooth, and quite refined. Nicely fast and forward, but lacking slightly in the detail retrieval that some of the more modern drivers have. I never felt that these needed a tweeter, but some might prefer that. Overall this is one of the best full range drivers I’ve owned and is highly recommended.

Here is the Coral Flat 10 next to the Coral Flat 5 v2. I actually feel that the smaller Flat 5 v2 is the better sounding driver, as unlikley as that would seem.