Lowther PM6a alnico full range drivers

Lowther is certainly one of the biggest and oldest names in high efficiency full range drivers, and the PM6a represents the low end of the alnico magnet line. These drivers are about 97 db/wm in efficiency and have a qt around .45, so they can make some bass without a cabinet, making them a popular choice for open baffle projects. Paired with tone tubby alnico woofers as in the Lowther America design, these are supposed to be quite good.

I've had another Lowther in the past, the DX3, and found it to be anemic and unsatisfying. Shrill even. But the PM6a are another beast altogether. Loaded into the Telefunken baffles, the PM6a make pretty good bass all by themselves, and although not home theater territory, they are fine for music, allowing the listener to follow the line of an upright bass without any trouble. But it is the presence factor where these drivers excel. The PM6a definitely have the alive, lit from within presence that Lowther is famous for, but these alnico drivers do not exhibit the harsh over-treble that I found with the DX3. In fact, to my pleasant surprise, the PM6a are one of the better sounding full range drivers I've owned. While not a bargain the way some of the older Alnico drivers can be, these are a fine choice for an open baffle project.

One of these days I really do need to find a pair of the bigger PM2a!