Antique Telefunken Open Backed Cabinets

I acquired these amazing antique open back Telefunken cabinets several years ago from a friend, and they have proven to be one of the best audio purchases I have made. At that time, I posted photos on several audio forums trying to get some information about them; what era they date to, what drivers might have originally been loaded in them, etc. There seems to be no information about them, so if anyone viewing this has any idea about their origins I would love to know. I have never seen another pair. The closest I have found are a pair of Seimens “Bayern”.

I have used these cabinets with a variety of full range drivers, and always very successfully. Something about the dimensions seems to be a magic formula. The drivers all exhibit their individual signature, but invariably image well, with rich tones and good bass. Even from drivers like the diminutive Coral "Holey Basket" fe103a pictured below. In fact, the little Corals are some of the better full range drivers that I have heard. Another great driver in this cabinet is the superb Coral Flat 10.

These have become my “test” cabinet for any fullrange driver of 10 inches or less that come through my doors. One day I would like to build a slightly wider version to accommodate larger 12 or 15 inch drivers.

Here are the cabinets with my one of my favorite setups so far: Supravox 215RTF64 and Aurum Cantus G2Si Ribbon Tweeters.

Here are the cabinets in early 2020 with the amazingly good Coral Flat 5 version 2 drivers. These sound great!

I have a variety of fascia plates that I can mount drivers to and quickly change between one or another. The mighty little Coral "Holey Baskets" actually work very well in these big cabinets.

The cabinets are wide but not deep.

The backs are covered by a frame mounted black mesh that removes easily.

Here they are with Lowther PM6A drivers.

Pictured here with the amazing Atelier Rullit Lab 8 field coil drivers. The Lab 8 may be the ultimate 8 inch full range driver with output well into the 30s!

Telefunken holey baskets light up the room with emotional music magic.

The beautiful and rare National 8P-W1.

The Diatone P-610 "clones" from David Louis Audio sounded their best ever for me in these big open backed cabinets.

One of the best things about these cabinets is the ease with which I can change out drivers. With each driver on its own fascia/baffle the Telefunken can go from one to another in under 10 minutes. Here is the current assortment on hand circa September 2022: (from left to right) Coral Holey Basket (1963ish), Saba Greencone (1955), Coral 10CX-50 (1968ish), Visaton B200 (2008) and Jensen C-855 (1966).

I’ve featured these cabinets here on my website for almost 15 years now, and in that time I’ve had many inquiries about the dimensions and construction details. I’ve been happy to provide that information to anyone who asked, and there are a number of these cabinets out there now. Below is the line drawing I’ve distributed to those who were curious. Go for it folks! These cabinets kick ass, and if you have the ability or interest in building a pair they could be an end-game solution that allows incredible flexibility and doesn't limit you to just one driver experience. Enjoy!

I know there are a few of these out there now, and I would love to see some images of them! I’d like to add them to this page, as well as some user reports, so if you’ve built these and are willing to share your thoughts let me know.